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Terms and Conditions

Please see my Codes of Conduct below, that allow me to provide a trusted, safe environment for you and your Dogs.

Animal Welfare

At Dazzle Dogs, I go above and beyond to satisfy meeting the 5 Animal needs required by law. All Dogs that come to see me:

  • Will be introduced to the environment with a walk around our outside space before entering the Parlour (Get those nervous wees out the way!)

  • Will be restrained safely during the groom. Any special restraints required will be discussed with the owner beforehand so as not to cause any undue stress to your dog.

  • Will have fresh water provided at all times, and breaks will be given to any dog that starts to struggle throughout the grooming process.

  • Will have a crate to be housed in securely and safely before and after the groom. In the case of an owner bringing 2 pets, these may be housed together.

  • I will use rewards to encourage any difficult dogs through the process. Treats may be used as distraction with the owners consent, although this is a last resort after all other handling and reward options have been used.

  • I will do all in my power to protect your dog from harm or injury. My Parlour is always clean and tidy, and any equipment is kept stored away from animal care areas unless in use. All hygiene procedures are followed at all times to avoid cross contamination.

  • If a dog is showing signs of major stress or aggression I will stop the groom immediately for the safety of both the dog and me the groomer.

GDPR Policy

As per the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, I do not hold any personal data on site that does not fulfill a business requirement.
All new clients will be asked to complete a Client consent form, where any data given shall sit within the GDPR Policy. Any further consents required shall be requested in writing, and there is no obligation to consent to these requests at any time. 
In addition, you may withdraw your consent previously given at any time. I just ask that you do so in writing.

Cancellation/No show Policy

I understand that certain events can crop up unexpectedly. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice.
Any cancellation or reschedule made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a Cancellation fee, which will be 50% of your groom. In addition, I ask that you pay for your reschedule in advance.
In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your cancellation fee may be applied to future services.

Flea Policy

I ask that your dog be up to date with their flea treatments. Please let me know if you suspect or see that your dog has fleas, so we can re-arrange your groom (free of charge). 
If your dog is found to have fleas when they come into the salon, an automatic charge of £25 will be added to your bill.
This is to cover the additional treatment of your dog required, plus the added cleaning and disinfecting of the Parlour to maintain my high hygiene standards.

Matting Policy

At Dazzle Dogs, I believe in Humanity before Vanity. When a dog is presented to me in a severely matted condition, it is my policy to shave the coat using a close blade. Attempts can be made to de-matt before using clippers, however if I believe this will cause stress or discomfort to your dog it will not be an option. In addition this will often leave a thinned and damaged coat. I will of course advise you before shaving your dog, and please know this is a last resort. 

I adhere to the Animal Welfare Act, which states that it is an offence to cause animals pain or harm. I reserve the right to not do anything we think may be detrimental and not in the best interest of your dogs wellbeing.

If your dog requires de-matting, a £20 fee will be added to your bill. This covers the additional time needed to complete de-matting of the coat, and extra strain put on my tools.

Refusal to Groom Policy

I will always strive to make every dog that comes to me as comfortable as possible. I do however reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog for the health and safety of myself, the groomer and/or the dog.
A muzzle may be used, but if any dog presents an unsafe condition, services will be discontinued. Such conditions include but are not limited to: Behavioural issues, health problems and parasites.
I ask in our client consent form that you answer honestly regarding any past problematic behaviour or aggressive tendencies. Failure to do so could result in harm or injury to your dog and/or the groomer, and you will be held liable.
Thankyou for your understanding.

Hot Weather Policy

I carry out our grooming all year round, in all kinds of weather! I will always maintain a suitable environment whilst your dog is in my care.
This includes access to water at all times and a temperature-controlled space to ensure maximum comfort.
If your dog is struggling in extreme weather (for example Brachycephalic or "flat faced" breeds in the heat) please get in touch to reschedule your groom.

Animal Accident Policy

Please rest assured that whilst your dog is in my care I will treat them as one of my own!
Every effort is made to ensure your dog is groomed as safely as possible. Grooming equipment is sharp, and even though I use extreme caution and care, accidents may still happen. I am trained in Pet First Aid and insured with Public liability. I also have CCTV on site to provide both our clients with confidence that the upmost care and due diligence is taken at all times. 
In our client consent form, I request that in the event of a serious accident or medical issue, you authorise me to seek emergency Veterinary treatment.

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